Examining the Bedroom onto Electrosmog

Your bedroom should offer you security and the ability to recover. During the night, the human body is about 50 times more sensitive to external interferences. How well you rest at night has significant influence over your mental state and your physical health.

First you’ll explain your current sleeping situation. While viewing your bedrooms I will use an electrosmog measuring device to record electric and electromagnetic radiation emissions (e.g., electric wiring, transformers, telephone, earth radiation, global grid). I perform a geomantic examination with the use of a dowsing rod that provides insight into the location of water veins, buckles and fault lines.

If improvements to your bedroom are recommendable due to irritating interferences, then I will discuss individual solutions to promote your nightly regeneration phase with you. I will explain what you should keep in mind from a feng shui perspective when arranging your bedroom and will give you tips on reducing the amount of radiation.

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