example: planning a new house with feng shui

You’d like to purchase a piece of property in the best location on the Spanish coast and build an opulent villa according to your precise specifications.

I’ll meet you in Germany and discuss your current situation and goals in life. Your real estate agent has put together a selection of properties and I will accompany you to three locations in Spain. I will conduct a geomantic examination at the property of your choice.

I will remain in contact with you during the planning of your house and work together with your architect in England. From Germany, you’ll receive suggestions and recommendations from me regarding material characteristics, floor colours and types, wall colours, doors, windows, stairs, etc. for your interior designer.

From Germany I will work together with your landscape architect on arranging your property with gardens, garages and terraces.

After basic construction and the tradespeople’s work has been completed, I will view your new home in Spain together with you and conduct a feng shui analysis based on these current impressions. I will then use the analysis as the basis for all of your room layouts and orienting your bedroom in your personal good luck direction.

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