Planning a New House with Feng Shui

Who can tell you where the right location for your house is? Who analyses your building plan and examines whether the construction of this house can support you positively in all aspects of life?

Feng shui means selecting properties, designing gardens, constructing buildings and arranging rooms so that the people within them feel comfortable and all of the opportunities life offers are open to them. A good architect should first consider the personality of the future residents of a house before focusing on planning the building.

As a feng shui consultant, I’ll accompany you on the search for the right property, assess the property location, conduct a geomantic examination and work together with your architect and homebuilder. I’ll give you tips for your appointments with interior designers and decorators, discuss the outdoor design with you and your landscape architect, create a written evaluation with recommendations regarding selection and interior arrangement, determine your personal elementary needs and lay out your sleeping space in the most positive direction for you.

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